QUANTUM® Dryer Controller

Brock's easy-to-use QUANTUM® Dryer Controller accurately and efficiently automates grain drying
Brock's easy-to-use QUANTUM® Dryer Controller accurately and efficiently automates grain drying

Do More Than Simply Monitor Your Dryer!

Brock’s popular QUANTUM® Dryer Controller provides you with total dryer management for accuracy in controlling grain moisture during the drying process. This is a sampling of the electronic controller’s field-proven 32-bit real time operating system features:

  • Moving Moisture Target Feature enables the QUANTUM Controller to provide full heat drying control. This unique feature anticipates the final moisture of the grain reaching the bin and manages that grain’s moisture content as it passes through the dryer.
  • Quality Control is maintained with the QUANTUM Controller’s ability to regulate the discharge speed of the grain to match the capacity of the unloading system. To help prevent over-drying grain, the controller automatically reduces the plenum heat if the unloading rate limit is reached.
  • User-Friendly QUANTUM Controller uses simple, menu-driven, full color screens to display current grain and dryer conditions. The unit also displays a graph of incoming and out-going moistures and has a handy scroll-back feature. User-friendly monitor that is simple and menu-driven.
  • Full-Color Monitor Screen offers current and historical information.
  • Remote location option. The controller for the QUANTUM System can be located up to 1,000 feet from the dryer.
  • Works With Any Current Brock Dryer: BROCK® Commercial Tower Dryer, MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Dryer and SUPERB ENERGY MISER® Low-Profile Dryer (including SQ Series Dryers).
  • Web-Based QUANTUM® Control Monitoring
    You can easily connect with Brock’s popular QUANTUM® Dryer Controller through the Internet and remotely monitor your dryer using a personal computer, smartphone or tablet anytime, nearly anywhere.

Contact us or your local Brock dealer to find out more about how you can use the QUANTUM Controller on a Brock Grain Drying System.
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